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    Top Aces is a privately owned company and the exclusive adversary air provider to the Australian, Canadian, and German armed forces. We employ a growing team of 270+ highly skilled personnel based in the geographies where we serve our clients. Our more than 40 fighter pilots hail from the Canadian, German, American and Australian armed forces and 80% of them are Top Gun Fighter Weapons School graduates. We are proud and fortunate to employ many veterans who, along with the entire Top Aces team, contribute to delivering our purpose and values every day under the highest possible technical and operational airworthiness standards.

    The Top Aces Dornier Alpha Jet aircraft combine high performance, fuel endurance, reliability and modern avionics to be a superb platform for all mission profiles. The aircraft have undergone an impressive upgrade program that includes state-of-the-art Multi-Function Displays, Avionics, Flight Management System, IFR, Tactical Air Navigation System, Martin Baker ejection seats and a Dassault Canopy Escape System…

    Day and night Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC) training; Adversary Support and Anti-Shipping Attack Training for Naval Forces; “Red Air” Adversary Support for Fighter Forces, including large-scale coalition air exercises;

    Air-to-Air Gunnery Target Tow; both circular and combat dart missions for Fighter Forces; Electronic Warfare Training for Naval and Fighter Forces. (Source: