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    Israeli Air Force visits Germany.


    14th August 2020, Fighter jets belonging to the Israeli Air Force are bound for Germany in the coming week to take part in a symbolic
    memorial event and joint military exercises, the German air force said on Thursday. “To commemorate the 1972 Olympics attack, a German-Israeli formation will fly over the Fuerstenfeldbruck airbase on 18.08.2020,” the Luftwaffe said in Berlin. At the Olympic Games in Munich that year, 11 Israeli athletes were taken hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. Two were killed soon afterwards and the other nine died in a botched rescue attempt at Fuerstenfeldbruck, located near the southern city. “The return flight passes the outskirts of Dachau. Afterwards, the German-Israeli delegation will lay a wreath at the concentration camp memorial site there and commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and the tyranny of National Socialism,” the German air force added. Over 200,000 people from across Europe were imprisoned at the Dachau camp outside Munich during World War II. Some 41,500 were murdered, according to the memorial website. The Israeli aircraft are scheduled to arrive in Germany on Monday. Luftwaffe chief of staff Ingo Gerhartz had extended the invitation to Israel during visits to the country, the air force said. The Luftwaffe participated in drills in Israel and now the Israeli side is to take part in the “Blue Wings 2020” exercise, set to last
    just under two weeks. In preparation of both exercises, personnel and equipment are flown in by Hercules aircraft.