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Our Client Promise

First of all let me welcome you to the team, overall there are some very big plans for v1images – Aviation Media Group let me assure you of that. Although we are not as big as the current big three in the market at the moment, I am a firm believer we have all the ingredients to make us a successful Media Group. I built the website framework from scratch during January and February 2017 with the sole aim of servicing media outlets, so everything that has been put into the site so far is there to cater specific needs of media outlets and publications.

Quality, Dedication and Passion to Aviation Media formats across Photo and Video with service unrivalled to anybody else.

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Image Standards / Requirements

To cater for the market we are in we must ensure our images are standardised across the team as much as possible. I am more than happy to allow creative freedom with your uploads however there are a few non negotiable terms when it comes down to uploading an image for use. Please ensure you read and follow the below guidelines with every image you supply to the Image Library.

  1. Image Processing – Colours should be corrected where necessary and all verticals must be straight.
  2. Image Sharpening – Sharpening does need to be applied to any uploaded images, please bear in mind the level of sharpening for an image over 2000 pixels wide will differ considerably to an image uploaded for the web at 1600 pixels wide.
  3. Image Sizes – When uploading it is a requirement you upload the largest resolution available for that image after cropping. This ensures the image is hosted securely on our servers and can be distributed to clients immediately upon successful shortlist or purchase for publication. A very minimum range of 2000-2500 pixels wide, 3000-3500 pixels is best.
  4. Aspect Ratio – 3:2 is the best upload aspect ratio our clients require so we request where possible this aspect ratio is maintained on the majority of uploads.
  5. Watermarks – The standard v1images logo should be applied in the upload process, covered in the Upload Process section. No other text or watermarks should be added to any image uploaded.
  6. Hot Photos – Process and details to follow to ensure prompt submission to publication editors.

Should any of these points be missed it could risk the ability to competitively market your image for publication so it is imperative that we work as a team to ensure these specifications are stuck to as much as possible with all of our images.

Upload Process

Please ensure you follow this step by step guide on how to upload your first image to the library and how to continue uploading after this in a method that should save time.

  1. Login Page / Upload Section
  2. Page Title Standardisation
  3. Image Description
  4. Image Categories
  5. Image Tags
  6. Product Variations Set A & B
  7. Product Image & Watermark
  8. Submit Upload

Commission Payments

TBC at the moment