Hi I'm Steve. My story with Aviation began in 1986, coming from a railway town with a family background in the industry meant as a youngster trains were my love (also watching trains from the bridge was all we could afford) until my parents booked our 1st holiday abroad and decided to take me to see a plane close-up and I just got hooked on the size, speed and noise and my first flight was on my 7th birthday!! In the starter years collecting registrations was the focus. In 1992/93 we (me and my dad) got SLR cameras and the passion for photography came into the picture (nice pun) In 2007 I moved to Warsaw,Poland and lived just a few miles from the airport meaning I could spot daily. A year later I moved into Digital photography and began uploading to Airliners.net and Jetphotos + 9 other websites. 2013 I returned to the uk and I spot mainly at MAN, DSA and a yearly trip to LHR. I've visited FRA,GDN,JFK,YYZ,HKG,NRT,HND,SEA,RTN,PAE outside of the UK and BHX,EMA in GB. I use Sony Alpha cameras (a350,a77,a99) + Sony G 70-400 lens having previously used Sigma 50-500. I live in Goldthorpe with my wife and I'm an HGV driver

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