My aviation passion started already at very young age, probably around 5 years old. Likely because both my parents and grandparents lived close to Amsterdam airport, my grandparents even close to the threshold of 36R (Aalsmeerbaan). The first memory I have is when I was in my grandparents’ living room and witnessed a LOT Ilyushin IL-18 coming in from a distance. It was passing low over the house and when I ran to the backroom, I could see it landing at runway 36R. The smoke, the noise and the graceful landing made an everlasting impression on me. As a result, when I was 13, I got my first Praktica camera and started taking pictures along runway 24. Ever since, I have tried to improve my skills and go the extra mile to get a perfect shot. Last few years, I have done quite some traveling around the world, which gave me the opportunity to meet new people and make some new friends. For me also an important part of this hobby.

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